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Research research research!!! Pour through a photographers galleries and their instagram - know what their style is and love it. There are a lot of incredible photographers around and I want the best for you.  My style of photography leans towards documentary and movement. I focus less on the typical 'sit and smile' shot and try to capture all the little moments that make your family yours. Because I use natural light and surroundings to add to the final feel of a sessions my photos can be full of drama and light. 


I'm predominately an on location photographer - I love capturing your family as naturally as possible, in your home or maybe your favorite location. If you don't have a location in mind I'm happy to suggest some of my favorites! Don't be afraid to push my boundaries though! If you have a boat, lets go fishing. If you fancy NY city because it's where you started your family, I'll be on the train in a heart beat! 


The biggest recommendation I can give regarding photo outfits is to not 'match'! It's best to pick a colour palette and stick to that for the family. Don't ever be afraid to go all out though - long flowing dresses or skirts for women can create amazing moment in photos, boys look super trendy in jackets,  and so on!  Dress up! Have fun!! 

Jeans and trousers for ladies...... maybe in the dead of winter! 


A couple of tips - 

Avoid logos or shirts with graphic prints on shirts, they steal the show! 

If you have a toddler or baby girl in a dress a little diaper cover stops photos becoming a pampers commercial!

When it's cold outside, DRESS WARM!!! 

Layers can be fun - especially if you want to add a pop of colour



I will meet you in our prearranged location and then we start to have fun! There are the shots everyone wants: the family smiling at the camera, mum with children, dad with children, just children, and so on - I like to get those shots first so we don't wear out the good will of the youngest family member!! THEN it's all about what you bring to the session!! Don't be afraid to play with the kids, have them jump, run, chase each other, splash in the water, give the baby a bath, built a fort... it's about capturing your family doing what you love most: being together!!



I bring your precious memories home, curate and edit your gallery and then send you a link and password. Please allow up to three weeks for your gallery to be delivered. 


What happens if it rains

No worries at all - we reschedule!

What happens if a member of my family is sick?

No worries at all - we reschedule!!!

How long will I have to chose my photos

Your online gallery remains available for two weeks. 

How long does it take you to edit the photos? 

I will usually have your gallery available within 7 days but depending on the time of year it may take up to two weeks. 

Do you give our RAW images or re edit in a different style? 

No, I will never release raw images nor will I ever edit in a style that is not consistent with my aesthetic. While I love love light and airy photos I lean towards using light in a much more natural way. 

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